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Commissioning Projects

California State University, Fullerton:  Trigeneration Plant
Commission new trigeneration plant which generates 4.5 megawatts, 2,620 tons of cooling and 24 MMBTU’s of heating.  Ensured plant worked efficiently and effectively.

California State University, San Marcos: Central Plant Upgrade
Commissioning of upgraded central plant.  Upgrades consisted of converting chilled and hot water system from primary secondary to variable primary.  Control system sequences enhanced to operate central plant and TES system as energy efficient as possible.

California State University, Fullerton: Kinesiology and Health Science Building
Commission HVAC retrofit of 10 air handlers and 53 VAV boxes.  The associated control system and sequence of operation were completely upgraded.  In addition, the main electrical switchgear, distribution boards, metering system and associated devices were commissioned. 

California State University, San Marcos:  Science 1 & 2 HVAC Upgrades
Commissioning two science lab buildings with Phoenix Valve conversion (total 110,000 SF) HVAC upgrades from constant volume to variable volume system (VAV). Modernized volumetric controls were installed to properly control harmful products.

California State University, Fullerton: Visual Arts Building
Commission HVAC retrofit of a series of five buildings containing seven air handlers and 116 VAV/DDVAV boxes.  Modernized control system and sequence of operation were also installed.

California State University, Fullerton:  Parking Structure 4
Commission new 1,515 vehicle, six level parking facility.  Ensured LED lighting and other energy efficient systems worked properly.

California State University, Fullerton: Performing Arts Building
Commission the HVAC retrofit of six air handlers and 142 VAV boxes.  Enhancements included complete upgrade to direct digit controls.

Due Diligence/ Construction Administration

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco,  Los Angeles Branch: Central Plant
Project managed complete central plant retrofit of 1,000 ton cooling and 4 MMBTU heating plant systems.  Upgraded control system sequences and secured over $275,000 in rebates.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch: Emergency Power Upgrades
Project managed upgrade of emergency generator (4 megawatt) and installation of paralleling gear and system upgrades.

C.J. Segerstrom & Sons,  Ranch: Due Diligence Survey
Performed due diligence on HVAC systems (17,000 SF Building) Multiple spit systems as well as packaged air conditioning units with VAV and hot water reheat. 

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch: Fire Alarm Upgrade
Project managed complete upgrade of fire alarm and smoke control system (300,000 SF Facility).  Integrated fire alarm with multiple other fire protection systems (Halon and Ansel).

RREEF Manhattan Beach Medical Center: Building AC Upgrade
Project managed replacement of building AC units as well as calibrating and correcting tenant space temperature control system.

C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, Lake Center & Harbor Gateway: Due Diligence
Performed due diligence on four, three story buildings.  Provide recommendations on upgrading strategy for HVAC and control systems. 

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Seattle Branch: Emergency General Fuel System
Due diligence review of fuel oil system and provide corrective action to remediate issues.

Design Projects

South Coast Plaza:  Multiple HVAC Upgrades
Construction documents for the following mechanical upgrades:  air handler replacement, package AC units, upgraded controls for AHU’s, storm water lift station, chilled water pump, upgrade and various other upgrades/replacement.

C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, Lake Center & Harbor Gateway: HVAC Replacement Design
Design HVAC replacement for three buildings each containing three, 60 ton rooftop package units and hot water boiler(s) for reheat.  In addition, designing replacement for approximately 15 multi-sized heat pumps for approximately 176,000 SF of office space.

AT&T:  Chilled Plant Upgrades
Construction documents for central plant upgrades including the replacement of two, 300 ton centrifugal chillers. 

Capital Group:  Data Center AC Upgrades
Construction documents for increase data center cooling capacity as well as adding redundancy with multiple Liebert CRAC units.

California State University, Fullerton:  Student Housing Parking Structure Fire Protection
Design fire protection system upgrades for noncompliant system.  Complete redesign of four story fire suppression system.

LBA Realty:  AT&T Center Steam and Chilled Water Analysis
Analyze, determine and provide resolution to issues that existed in steam and chilled metering system.  Metering system invoice/billed based on consumption and term of the lease.