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Central PlantAdvanced Engineered Solutions, Inc.
 is an independent consulting engineering firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, automation and energy management systems and technologies in buildings, facilities and campuses of all occupancy types, ages and uses.  AES’s staff is knowledgeable, experienced and will successfully guide a project through need assessment and analysis, engineering, bidding, construction, commissioning and long term operations.

We are staffed with multiple LEED accredited professionals as well as multiple registered California Professional Engineers.  Our staff has experience on numerous projects working with state and governmental buildings such as the California State University system and the Federal Reserve Bank system.  In addition to state and governmental agencies, AES also has broad knowledge of cogeneration plants, trigeneration plants, central plants, TES systems, and office building systems each with its own unique design and requirements.

Our Project Engineers have broad experience working with Control System Contractors as well as installing and starting up energy management control systems.  Past experience also includes leadership, organizational and educational communication in running Energy Efficiency and Sub-Metering Groups.

Monitoring and analyzing system operations using energy management control system trending and stand-alone data logging equipment is typical to all of our commissioning projects.  Execution of these procedures is common practice for AES as well as optimizing equipment control and implementing energy savings analysis of retro commissioning and generating the associated costs/payback.

Our personnel have experience in new construction and retrofitting of commercial buildings.  In addition to our commissioning capabilities, other services we perform include:  master planning, conceptual design, constructability review, project management, energy modeling as well as core MEP and control system design services.  Advanced Engineered Solutions has LEED Accredited Professionals to help guide clients who have projects which are pursuing LEED certification.

Our diverse project experience allows us to help our clients arrive at the solution quickly and effectively coordinate with other engineers, consultants and contractors.  The company strives to not only meet, but exceed the customer’s specifications and expectations while performing within a given budget and schedule.